Why the Piano (or any instrument) is Important

As someone who began learning how to play the piano in first grade, I am so thankful my parents put me in those lessons! I am asked quite a bit “is the piano worth learning?” or “is this an actual hobby that can help my child?” Well – like anything, you get out of it what you put in to it. I know there were many weeks during my twelve years of piano lessons that I did not want to go or to practice (thanks mom and dad for making sure I did!).

There are so many reasons why learning to play the piano is important and how both adults and children can benefit from the study of a musical instrument.

  1. Mastering the piano requires quite a bit of coordination which helps to focus the mind and work on those multi-tasking skills!
  2. It has been proven that children (and adults) who take part in musical activities are happier and more sociable than those who don’t.
  3. The study of music is an extension of the learning process – so children who excel at playing the piano often do well in school,
  4. Learning to play the piano (or any instrument) takes dedication. You don’t just “pick it up.” Though playing an instrument can come more natural to some than others, it takes hard-word and dedication to master.
  5. Commitment. This is such a big part in developing our children. When learning to play an instrument, you can’t just walk away after three weeks, come back and expect to pick-up where you left off. It takes commitment to practice and dedicate yourself to your disciple.
  6. Memorization Skills! Learning to play an instrument helps you to improve your memorization skills. As you learn the notes, hand positions and memorize songs – you sharpen your memory skills.