What Musical Should I Do?

When the next seasons shows are released – it is such an exciting time listening to the new music and all the fun that comes along with a new production! However – students and families are often faced with the dilemma – what production should I do?

One of the most important items to decide first comes from the parents, can your student do one or two productions? If the answer is they can do both, wonderful! If your student can do one musical, wonderful!

I hear many times from students and families “well – we’ve already done that show.” Let’s take a moment to pause right there – when you play a sport, don’t you do the same thing every game? What makes each game different? It’s the different team you are playing against and every game you play differently. So what’s the difference in doing a musical again? You are performing with a different cast, you can be a different role, and you can challenge yourself to reach new goals with the familiarity of a production. Performers will do the same musical multiple times in their lives. Never limit yourself with “I’ve already done that musical” – you are young! You have a lifetime of musicals ahead of you!

If you have the ability to do more than one production – you should! Never limit yourself to one set of roles to audition for, the more roles you can audition for – the better! If you have to choose between the shows, the best way to handle it is to ask the director. Allow them to give you the feedback on where they see you being challenged and fitting in to the cast. Remember the director has the overall vision plan they are looking for – so feedback will help in your decision!

Remember when choosing who to audition for or what show to audition for – it is your decision. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing – only you matter for you! When you hear others talking about what roles they are auditioning for, do not let that discourage you! The director makes the final decision – not them!

When making these decisions – remember that casting is a giant puzzle that the director puts together!