Vocal Academy

The Pennsylvania Theatrical Arts Vocal Academy specializes in individual and group vocal instruction.  In group classes, students will be taught basic vocal technique, musicianship, and receive group coaching on ensemble music.  The core of the Vocal Academy’s unique training program is our individual instruction.  Matched with professional instructors, students receive weekly lessons, one on one, in which they are trained in a healthy and professional manner.  Students receive instruction that is tailored to their individual vocal needs, musicianship, and goals.  Studying privately in the Vocal Academy will greatly enhance a singer’s ability to successfully audition for roles in musical theatre, solo performances, district and county festivals, as well as for entrance into college or university music programs.

Vocal Study

Small group vocal lessons allow each student to experience building a balance of Music Theory, vocal technique, and exposure to ...
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Individual Vocal Instruction

Students will learn to read music, understand symbols, interpret lyrics, and sing their favorite songs. Individualized lesson plans will have ...
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