Preparing for Our Next Season!

Getting Ready for the Next Season!  

We are excited to welcome another season of amazing classes, productions and memories to PATABS! In the next few weeks, our new schedule, productions and opportunities will be released – and we are so excited!

Let’s go over some helpful things to get ready for our next season!

Choose Your Classes. Once the schedule is released, review what classes your student can participate in. If you don’t know which class is the best fit for them, ask us! We will help guide you to pick the correct class for an amazing season!

Class Attire. Our biggest advice is to label EVERYTHING with your student’s name on the inside so that we can get lost items back to you. Make sure to check the attire for each class your student is in to make sure they are properly prepared, remember attire and shoes do change!

Get To Know Your Teacher. You can check out our website before class to see you will be working with your student. Coming to our Open House is another great way to meet our staff. We have amazing teachers who are dedicated to helping your student achieve their goals.

Set Goals. Whether you are trying something for the first time or participating in another season; it is important to set goals. It helps you get to the next level and is something to aim for and to help build your confidence as you begin learning and continue developing your art.

Ready. Set. PERFORM! We are all here to provide a high energy, enthusiastic, and FUN environment for your student. We need your help! Come in to class with positive energy and be ready to learn! We love performing and can’t wait to love it even more with you!

Paperwork. Your first week of the new season comes with almost all the paperwork you will need. Please be sure to put the calendars, schedules, and production paperwork somewhere safe so you will be able to refer back to it when needed! Don’t forget, in the first week, the paperwork is also emailed out to you, so if you ever loose the paperwork, you can log in to your Parent Portal and find it!