Our New Studio

Our new home…22 Carlisle Street. It certainly feels like we are living a dream! Our new studio is everything I could have hoped for and more. The past eight weeks have felt like a whirlwind between moving, renovating and unpacking (there are still so many boxes to go through!). Our new studio is possible because of so many wonderful people and businesses who helped us create such a gorgeous space that we will continue to grow in to!

With our new studio comes new programs of course! Adding these new programs is especially important to me, because they are completing the vision I had for my company so many years ago. It is hard to imagine we have entered our sixth year. In some ways it feels like yesterday and in others it feels like a life time ago.

Now that we are beginning to settle in to our new home, I can answer many of the questions every one has asked. So here we go…

How did you design your space?

We completely re-did the space and went from there. Since the building was previously a bank, it is certainly built to last (which is wonderful, but had its challenges when renovating!). I wanted the space to feel open and modern. While I still have a lot of decorating and finishing touches to do – the most important part of the design was the colors! Utilizing the PATABS and The Vault blue and building off of the existing grey tones. We went through 55 gallons of paint…I painted every single wall and I am quite content not painting again for a while!

What is your favorite thing about the new studio?

There are SO MANY wonderful things about our new studio – from the lobby to the locker room (who else gets to have their locker room in a VAULT?!) to having four beautiful studios and my own office!! I truly love everything about the space and I am so glad that our design, layout and function have all come together to create such a beautiful space for our students to continue to grow.

What was the hardest part about all of this?

Honestly, I would have to say hoping it would all come together as planned! There were so many moving parts of the renovations and seeing it come together cohesively was a huge relief. I have never overseen a renovation or massive project – it was extremely rewarding and extremely stressful (especially making it all happen in eight weeks over the holiday season!). I am very thankful we are done and I am looking forward to the finishing touches!

What is next?

This is truly a hard question to answer! We have already begun to launch many new programs and expand current programs. We have so many ideas and so many programs to begin, that I cannot wait. All I can say is that the best has yet to come. However, no matter where our program goes, it will always be about giving our students the best dance, music and musical theatre environment there is!


If you have yet to see our new space, please feel free to come in! We hope that each and every one of our families and future families will love our space and program as much as we do!