Helping Your Student Succeed in Our Program!

The arts hold such an important place in our lives and in the development of each student. We are so glad our families have given us the honor of helping their student succeed. While at the studio (or any art program!), they learn more then just how to sing, to dance, or to act – they are learning life-long skills of public speaking, memorization, dedication and teamwork (we will dedicate another post about those life-long skills!). However, it takes all of us to help aid them in their success – the director, the teacher and the family.

Let’s talk about some ways to have a successful environment for each and every one of our students!

  1. What do I do first? Learn about our program! Our handbook is online – which will help answer many of your questions. Also, read the emails and newsletters – we try our best to have everything you need to know in the emails and newsletters.
  2. Ask Questions! If you need help, ask! Stop in and check in at the front desk. The best way to clear up any questions or concerns is to come talk to us – not others!
  3. Class Attire. Dressing for success is important – and we want our students to be successful! Attire is an important part of their training, especially when dancing! Of course we know life gets in the way and sometimes getting to class in attire is impossible – so don’t sweat those moments!
  4. Volunteering. Your student is involved in the program because they love the arts – whether singing, dancing or acting is their passion – they are here for that passion. Supporting them by helping to create their sets and props is an amazing way to connect and bond. I’ve seen wonderful moments where a mom is beaming with pride because their child told them about this cool set piece (that their mom help create). These moments are priceless.
  5. Stay Involved. We know dropping off and picking up is easy and helps all of us in our very busy lives! But try to come in to the studio to pick your student up/or come in when you drop them off, when you can! When you can come in, you can catch up with us, ask questions and see what is going on in our programs!
  6. Take Advantage! Take advantage of our free programs! Everyone has a budget and we want to make sure we can offer our students the most – so that is why taking advantage of our free programs, like Hanover Harmonix, Hanoverettes, Mini-Hanoverettes, and the Conservatory Series are SO IMPORTANT! We understand that participating in these programs may mean an additional night for your student – but it is at no cost and they are able to gain so much experience, especially from our performance groups. The students that participate in these programs are exposed to professional work settings, performance, responsibility and dedication. These programs are an excellent way for your student to excel in their training – so please do not miss out on these opportunities!